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06 Apr 2022

Yesterday: Finished editing and ready to publish. The multi-cam mode is incredible 🤯, the editing was much faster 🚀 than usual.

Today: The video is currently uploading. Today I will start working on a script about InnerSource. I would also like to plan next series, it’s an introduction to terraform.

05 Apr 2022

Yesterday: Managed to put down part of the script didn’t have the time to finish it. But I just finished recording the video, I used the dual camera setup, I really think this will improve the editing workflow 🎥.

Today: I will be experimenting using the multi-cam edit mode in premiere pro, I will follow this video from Peter

28 Mar 2022

Yesterday: Done the editing of the retrospective video during the weekend.

Today: I am uploading it right now and it will be published on Wed morning. This evening I will try to work on the description and the thumbnail.

25 Mar 2022

Yesterday: I managed to record the video about retrospective, I have also used a multi-cam setup.

Today: I tested positive for Covid I have mild symptoms, I am so happy that I recorded the video yesterday. I will try to work on the edit this weekend.

24 Mar 2022

Yesterday: I started the script for the next episode of the SCRUM Course it’s about Sprint Retrospective, I am very excited about this one.

Today: I’ll continue to work on the script and I will try to record at the end of the day.

22 Mar 2022

Yesterday: Added few more point to the script for next video

Today: I have just finished recording the episode of the SCRUM Course, it is going the be about Definition of Ready and Definition of Done. I will edit this evening and publish it tomorrow morning before work